Empress and WE Family Offices LLC: Partnership Proposal

Empress and WE Family Offices LLC


Greetings from Empress,

We are reaching out to propose a strategic collaboration our companies, embracing our shared commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and purpose-driven growth. As a comprehensive business suite, Empress simplifies and empowers business operations, aligns with your mission of efficient investment advising, and could potentially streamline your operations and enhance your growth strategy.

Mutual Growth and Efficiency

Empress’s user-friendly suite integrates seamlessly with existing tools, providing robust data analytics, workflow design, and customizable experiences. With WE Family Offices’ impressive portfolio of over $9 billion in assets and a client to staff ratio of 1:1.5, our collaboration could enhance your operational efficiency and client management through:

  • Data Analytics: Empress’s robust data analytics could help you gain deeper insights into your clients’ investment patterns, enabling you to provide more personalized advising and improve decision-making processes.
  • Workflow Design: By automating and streamlining several operational processes, Empress could help your team manage their workload more effectively, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Customizable User Experience: With Empress’s customizable suite, you can tailor your operational tools to meet your unique needs, ensuring a more efficient and stress-free work environment.

Contributing to the #DiamondClub Initiative

Empress is dedicated to the #DiamondClub initiative, a community-driven movement focused on global change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that our collaboration could extend to this initiative in the following ways:

  • Sustainable Investment Advising: As a firm advising on over $9 billion in assets, WE Family Offices has the potential to drive significant impact through sustainable investment practices. By aligning your investment strategies with the SDGs, you can contribute to global sustainability while enhancing your reputation as a purpose-driven firm.
  • Inclusivity in Investment: Empress’s commitment to inclusivity resonates with WE Family Offices’ client-centric approach. Together, we could explore ways to diversify your client base, promoting financial inclusion and driving economic empowerment.
  • Promoting Innovation: The #DiamondClub initiative emphasizes innovation for sustainability. We could collaborate on initiatives that promote innovative investment models, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystem.


A collaboration Empress and WE Family Offices LLC could yield significant benefits for both our companies and the broader society. By leveraging Empress’s capabilities and aligning with the #DiamondClub initiative, we could drive mutual growth, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to global sustainability.

We look forward to exploring this potential partnership further.

Best Regards,

[email protected]