Empress and We First: Partnership Proposal

Empress and We First

Dear We First Team,

As a leading comprehensive business suite, Empress has always been committed to simplifying and empowering business operations, offering solutions for efficient management, growth, and adaptation. We admire your work as an award-winning strategic consultancy that exclusively works with purpose-driven brands. Our shared dedication to creating a prosperous future compels us to propose a collaboration We First and Empress.

How Our Missions Align

Your work in defining and sharing brand purpose, sustainability, and impact stories aligns perfectly with our values at Empress. We believe in reducing stress in business operations, and our user-friendly suite integrates seamlessly with existing tools, providing robust data analytics, workflow design, and customizable experiences. Just like We First, we strive to ensure businesses stand out from their competitors.

Possible Collaborative Efforts

We propose a collaboration on multiple fronts. Firstly, we see a great opportunity for We First to utilize our business suite to streamline your operations, data analysis, and workflow design. This would allow you to focus more on your core mission of transforming brands into movements.

Secondly, we believe that Empress and We First can work together to create a knowledge-sharing platform, combining your storytelling expertise and our robust information-sharing tools. This platform could provide businesses with the resources they need to become more sustainable and purpose-driven, amplifying our collective impact.

Contributions to the #DiamondClub Initiative

Empress’s commitment to global change extends to the #DiamondClub initiative, a community-driven movement dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We see an opportunity for We First to contribute to this initiative through your brand storytelling. By sharing the success stories of purpose-driven brands, we can inspire more businesses to join the #DiamondClub initiative and contribute to a more equitable, regenerative, and prosperous future.

We are excited about the potential of our collaboration with We First and look forward to discussing these possibilities further. Please connect with us at [email protected].



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