Empress BOM Comparison Tool: Enhancing Production Efficiency

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the Bill of Materials (BOM) Comparison Tool in Empress. This guide is specifically designed for business users, focusing on practical applications and user interface interactions.


The BOM Comparison Tool is a powerful feature in Empress, particularly for businesses in the manufacturing sector. It allows you to compare multiple BOMs side by side and spot differences in a user-friendly manner. This feature is crucial for businesses, as it enhances efficiency in managing production processes and ensures accuracy of information.

Primary Functions and Benefits

With the BOM Comparison Tool, you can:

  • View multiple BOMs simultaneously: This feature facilitates effective comparison of BOMs, saving you from the hassle of toggling between different BOMs.
  • Edit BOMs in real-time: The tool offers the flexibility to make necessary modifications while comparing BOMs.
  • Sort BOMs according to different parameters: This enhancement ensures easy identification and quick comparison of BOMs.
  • Track changes in BOMs: Enables you to monitor alterations made to the BOMs over time.

User Roles and Permissions

The BOM Comparison Tool is accessible to the following user roles:

  • System Manager
  • Manufacturing User
  • Manufacturing Manager

The permissions for these roles are set by the system administrator, ensuring secure access to sensitive business information.

How to Use the BOM Comparison Tool

  1. Navigate to the Manufacturing module in Empress.
  2. Click on the BOM Comparison Tool.
  3. Select the BOMs you want to compare by clicking on the checkboxes next to them.
  4. Edit, sort, or track changes as needed.


The BOM Comparison Tool is a significant feature in Empress, offering businesses a streamlined method to manage and compare their BOMs efficiently. It enhances operational efficiency, ensuring accuracy in production processes.

For further assistance, please refer to the Empress help center or contact our support team.

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