Enhancing Business Operations with Work Order Analysis Dashboard

Welcome to this Empress guide. Today, we will be focusing on the Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart, an excellent tool that can significantly enhance your business operations. This feature displays an overview of your work orders in a visually appealing and easily understandable manner.


From a business perspective, keeping track of work orders is crucial for understanding productivity, workflow, and resource allocation. The Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart transforms complex data into a simple and interactive chart. This allows you to easily analyze trends, compare data, and make informed decisions to improve your business operations.

Primary Functions and Benefits

  • Interactive Data Visualization: The data is presented in a donut chart, which is visually appealing and easy to understand. You can interact with the chart to view more detailed information.

  • Customizable Time Interval: The time interval is customizable, allowing you to analyze your work orders on a yearly basis or within any specific period of your choosing.

  • Dynamic Filters: The chart utilizes dynamic filters, allowing you to view data based on different criteria such as company, from date, and to date.

How to Use the Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart

  1. After logging into your Empress account, navigate to the Manufacturing module.

  2. Locate the Work Order Analysis chart.

  3. Interact with the chart by hovering over different sections of the donut chart. This will display a more detailed breakdown of the data.

  4. Customize the time interval by selecting your preferred time frame from the drop-down menu.

  5. Apply different filters by clicking on the filter icon and selecting your desired options.

User Roles and Permissions

As an Empress user, you have the ability to view and interact with the Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart. However, the ability to modify or edit the chart is typically reserved for administrators or individuals with granted permissions.


The Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart is a powerful tool that enhances business operations by allowing for easy tracking and analysis of work orders. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it a valuable asset for any business.

For further support or inquiries, please contact our Empress support team or refer to our extensive library of user-friendly resources. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding and utilizing the Work Order Analysis Dashboard Chart.