Enhancing Sales Management with Empress's Sales Person Feature

Welcome to the guide for the Sales Person feature in Empress, a tool that is designed to make your sales management more efficient and effective. This feature is crucial to your business as it streamlines sales tracking and target monitoring, allowing you to manage your sales team more effectively.

What is the Sales Person Feature?

The Sales Person feature allows you to tag all sales transactions against multiple sales persons. This means you can set targets for each salesperson and monitor their progress, providing a clear overview of your sales performance.

Main Functions and Benefits

  • Sales Person Tagging: Attach sales transactions to individual salespeople for clarity and responsibility.

  • Target Setting: Assign targets to each salesperson and monitor their progress.

  • Sales Tracking: Keep a close eye on the performance of your sales team.

How to Use the Sales Person Feature

Viewing Information

  1. Navigate to the Sales Person section in Empress.
  2. Here, you can view a list of all your salespersons with their respective transaction details and targets.

Editing Information

  1. To edit a salesperson’s details, simply click on their name to open the detailed view.
  2. Make any necessary changes, such as adjusting their sales targets or commission rate.
  3. Click “Save” to confirm your changes.

Sorting Information

  1. In the Sales Person section, you can sort your salespersons by name, target, or commission rate.
  2. Simply click on the column header to sort the list accordingly.

Tracking Information

  1. The Sales Person feature in Empress allows you to track each salesperson’s performance against their target.
  2. This can be viewed in a dashboard format, providing a visual representation of your sales team’s performance.

User Roles and Permissions

The Sales Person feature is accessible to the following user roles:

  • Sales Manager: Can view, print, and receive email updates.
  • Sales User: Can view, print, and receive email updates.
  • Sales Master Manager: Can create, delete, view, print, write, share, receive email updates, and access reports.


In conclusion, the Sales Person feature in Empress is a powerful tool that can enhance your sales management processes. By providing a clear overview of your sales team’s performance and allowing for easy tracking and editing of information, this feature can help you drive your team towards their targets more efficiently.

For further support or resources, please refer to the Empress User Guide or contact the Empress Support Team.