Growing Empress's Social Profile, so it can make the impact which it has the potential of

I have a proposal, that I come as a social media head , and strategies the social profiles of the empress, for that I have a strategy too, that how I would be moving forward and what I want to do with the socials of empress.

Twitter (X)
Twitter is the best place to grow your audience and spread your word out more, for this your account has to have certain criteria, you will not find all this any where on the internet because it is not official, I am providing all this information from my experience and I have read in articles and watched youtube videos to get this all down.

1)You have to buy the premium(BLUE tick). It gives more chance your account to get more visibility.
2)More engagement is more famous, you have to make sure that your account is visible in many comment section.
-For this follow famous person of your field, and reply to their posts, so that the people will start noticing you, once they notice you , they will click to your profile and then they will know you, after that you make a trust with them by posting daily about your company and it’s objectives.
-For account with this engagement currently, needs to reply to 20 posts a day for almost 3 weeks.
-Then you will be able to see your analytics and strategise further.
-replies should include GIFs, Emoji and mixture, as Text is the not only medium,
sometime GIFs can provide you more boost it depends on post to post.

Posting Every Day
-Your account has to post everyday, seeing the current scenario, 5 post a day is must for 5 weeks, and mixture of images and text, there has to 3 threads a week , and after analysing analytics on the weekly basis , we can strategise further.
-Content should be presented in way that people will react, either by liking,expanding,sharing,commenting,retweeting or let’s say media expansion.
-That’s why media expansion is important, if one opens your image it grows engagements, and when one is scrolling endlessly, a cool image will only stop them to read your post

-Share this in relevant telegram groups, discord chats, linkdIN and reddit, there is this kind of different strategy for each thing, but as I am only the one person , I would like to focus on one app at one time.

So my proposal is to perform all the steps/points which I mentioned and help empress’s profile.

Thank You ,

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Hey Ishan,

Thank you for your detailed proposal regarding the social media strategy for Empress. I genuinely appreciate your interest and the effort you’ve put into outlining your approach.

Organic Growth

Empress is committed to organic growth and building an authentic community that reflects our core values of empowerment, sustainability, and positive global impact. While we recognize the potential benefits of increased visibility on platforms like Twitter, our strategy leans more towards natural engagement rather than purchasing visibility, such as the Twitter premium (Blue tick). We believe in fostering genuine connections with our audience, ensuring that every interaction reflects our brand’s ethos.

Real-World Impact

Your engagement tactics, particularly the focus on interacting with industry leaders and utilizing diverse content forms like GIFs, emojis, and text, are indeed interesting. However, we emphasize that our engagement should always be meaningful, aligned with Empress’s voice, and mission-driven. Our content is not just about promoting our product but more about showcasing the real-world impact and empowering narratives. Therefore, any content strategy needs to be consistent with these themes.

Holistic Approach

While your proposal to focus on one platform at a time has merit, Empress’s marketing strategy involves a broader approach, engaging our audience across multiple platforms. Integration into our comprehensive marketing plan is essential.

Providing Direction

I do realize that you’ve likely had some of this in mind already, and that there hasn’t been any direction to help you align with. I’ve also not gotten my current plans up and running quite yet. To help, I’ve put together a series of posts on Empress, our brand, and our marketing strategies. If you can, please take time to review them and we can chat more about how we can work together to get more visibility for Empress. I’ll be moving forward with the plans as detailed here and over the next few weeks the direction will hopefully be more clear.

Empress Strategy Proposals

Thank You!

Thank you once again for for the thought and time you’ve invested in this proposal!