Mastering Efficient Entity Management with Empress' Party Type

Welcome to this guide! Today, we’ll be exploring the Party Type feature in Empress. This feature plays an important role in the management and categorization of different entities in your business such as customers, suppliers, or employees.

Introduction to Party Type

The Party Type is a categorization tool that helps you define and distinguish between various entities or parties interacting with your business. The ability to categorize and differentiate these parties is crucial for effective financial management, inventory control, and customer relationship management.

Exploring the Party Type Feature

To navigate to the Party Type feature, go to Empress Setup, then click on DocType, and finally select Party Type.

The main elements of the Party Type feature include:

  • Party Type Field: This is where you specify the type of party (e.g. customer, supplier, employee, etc.)
  • Account Type Field: This is where you indicate whether the party type falls under “Payable” or “Receivable”.

Using the Party Type Feature

  1. To view your existing party types, simply open the Party Type page. You’ll see a list of your current party types along with their account types.
  2. To edit a party type, click on the one you want to edit, make your changes, and save.
  3. To sort your party types, use the “sort field” dropdown menu and select your preferred sorting method.

Understanding Permissions

Different roles have different permissions when it comes to interacting with the Party Type feature:

  • System Manager: Can view and export party types.
  • Accounts User: Can view, export, and print party types.
  • Accounts Manager: Can view, export, and print party types.

These permissions ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to those who need it.


In summary, the Party Type feature is a powerful tool that helps businesses effectively categorize and manage different entities. By understanding and utilizing this feature, businesses can streamline their operations and improve their financial management.

For further assistance or information, please refer to the Empress Help Center or contact our Support Team.