Mastering Empress: Simplifying Item Management with Website Item Group


Welcome to this simple and easy-to-follow guide for the Website Item Group feature in Empress. This feature is a crucial tool for your business operations, particularly if you’re dealing with a variety of items or services that need to be categorized and managed efficiently.

The Website Item Group feature allows you to create, manage, and organize different groups of items on your website. It simplifies the task of managing multiple items under various categories, making your business processes more organized and efficient.

Features and Benefits

1. Item Grouping

You can create Item Groups and associate individual items with these groups. This way, you can categorize and manage your items more effectively.

2. Flexible Editing

The Website Item Group feature allows you to easily edit and update item groups according to your business needs.

3. Efficient Sorting and Tracking

With this feature, you can sort and track your items based on their respective groups. This makes it easier to locate specific items and understand their performance.

How to Use

Viewing and Editing Item Groups

To view and edit your item groups, simply navigate to the Website Item Group section. Here, you can see all your existing item groups. To edit a group, click on it and make the necessary changes.

Sorting and Tracking Information

To sort and track information, you can use the filter option available in the Website Item Group section. Select the relevant parameters to sort your item groups. You can also track the performance of individual items within these groups.

User Roles and Permissions

Empress allows you to set different user roles and permissions for the Website Item Group feature. This way, you can control who has access to view, edit, sort, and track information in your item groups.


The Website Item Group feature in Empress is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your business processes. It simplifies item management, making it easier for you to categorize, view, edit, sort, and track your items.

For any queries or further assistance, please refer to the Empress support resources or get in touch with our support team.

Happy managing with Empress!