Mastering Empress's Territory Management for Business Growth

In the world of business, it’s crucial to understand and manage your territories effectively, as this can directly impact sales performance, customer service, and overall growth. Empress offers its Territory Management Feature designed specifically to help you achieve this. This guide will walk you through this feature in a non-technical, user-friendly manner.

Introduction to the Territory Management Feature

In Empress, the Territory Management Feature is a tool that allows you to classify your customers by region. This feature is part of the ‘Setup’ module and can be accessed from the user interface. With it, you can view, edit, sort, and track information about your territories.

The territory management feature is crucial for:

  • Sales segmentation: You can categorize your customers based on their geographical location, which can aid in creating region-specific sales strategies and campaigns.
  • Efficient resource allocation: By understanding the sales potentials of different territories, you can allocate resources and personnel more efficiently.
  • Performance tracking: The feature allows you to set targets for each territory and track their progress.

Using the Territory Management Feature

Viewing Territories

To view your territories in Empress, navigate to the ‘Territory’ option under the ‘Setup’ module. Here, you can see a list of all your territories, each with its unique ‘Territory Name’.

Adding and Editing Territories

To add a new territory, click on the ‘New’ button at the top of the ‘Territory’ page. You will need to provide a unique ‘Territory Name’ and specify the ‘Parent Territory’ if the new territory is part of an existing one.

You can also designate a ‘Territory Manager’ from your sales personnel for the new territory. If the new territory is a group of smaller territories, check the ‘Is Group’ box.

To edit an existing territory, click on its name in the list and make the necessary changes.

Setting Targets for Territories

You can set targets for each territory. To do this, navigate to the ‘Targets’ section in the territory details page. Here, you can specify the targets for the territory. This can be helpful in setting sales goals and tracking performance.

User Roles and Permissions

Different roles have different levels of access to the Territory Management Feature:

  • Sales Master Manager: Full access, including creating, editing, deleting, and setting user permissions.
  • Sales Manager/Sales User: Can read, print, and report, but cannot edit or delete.
  • Stock User/Maintenance User: Read-only access.
  • Customer/Accounts User: Can read, print, report, and share.


Empress’s Territory Management Feature provides an efficient way to manage your business territories. It helps in sales segmentation, resource allocation, and performance tracking, which can contribute significantly towards your business growth. For further details or assistance, refer to the Empress user manual or reach out to our support team.