Mastering the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart Feature

Welcome to our user-friendly guide to the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart feature in Empress. This guide is specifically tailored for business users, focusing on the practical applications of this feature and its relevance to your everyday business operations. The Bank Balance Dashboard Chart is an efficient tool that gives you a clear, real-time view of your company’s financial health, all in one glance.

Introduction: Bank Balance Dashboard Chart

The Bank Balance Dashboard Chart is a customizable feature in Empress that presents a graphical representation of your company’s bank balance over a specified period. It provides a quick and convenient way to monitor the cash flow and financial trends of your business, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Navigating to the Dashboard Chart

Accessing the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart is straightforward:

  1. From your Empress dashboard, click on the Accounts module.
  2. In the Accounts module, you’ll find the Dashboard Chart option.
  3. Select the Bank Balance chart from the list of available charts.

Understanding the Dashboard Chart

The Bank Balance Dashboard Chart has several key elements:

  • Chart Name: This is the title of the chart. By default, it’s “Bank Balance”.
  • Chart Type: This shows the format of the chart. The Bank Balance chart is depicted in a ‘Line’ format.
  • Time Interval: This determines the frequency at which the bank balance is tracked. It can be set to ‘Quarterly’, ‘Monthly’, ‘Yearly’, etc.
  • Timespan: This is the period over which the bank balance is analyzed. It can be set to ‘Last Year’, ‘Last Quarter’, ‘Last Month’, etc.

Customizing the Dashboard Chart

Customizing the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart is easy:

  1. Click on the Edit button on the top-right corner of the chart.
  2. Here, you can modify the Chart Name, Chart Type, Time Interval, and Timespan according to your preference.
  3. Once you’ve made the changes, click on the Save button to apply them.

Roles and Permissions

In Empress, you can assign roles and permissions to different users. As a business user, you might have the role of ‘Manager’ or ‘Administrator’. These roles typically have the permission to view and edit the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart. However, access can be restricted or expanded as needed.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Business with Bank Balance Dashboard Chart

In conclusion, the Bank Balance Dashboard Chart is a powerful tool in Empress that can greatly enhance your business processes. It provides a clear, visual representation of your company’s financial status, helping you make informed decisions, plan ahead, and maintain a healthy cash flow.

For additional non-technical resources or support, you can visit the Empress help center or contact our customer support team.