Mastering the Currency Exchange Feature in Empress

Welcome to this user-friendly guide on the Currency Exchange feature in Empress. As a business user, understanding this feature will be pivotal in managing your international transactions and financial operations.


The Currency Exchange feature allows you to specify the exchange rate to convert one currency into another. This is especially useful when your business operates in multiple currencies, handling international transactions.

Key Functions and Benefits

View Exchange Rates

Just log into your Empress account and go to the Currency Exchange section under the Setup module. Here, you can view the exchange rates between different currencies.

Edit Exchange Rates

To edit an existing exchange rate, click on the specific exchange rate entry and adjust the rate in the Exchange Rate field.

Add New Exchange Rates

To add a new exchange rate, click on the New button. You will need to specify the From Currency, To Currency, and the Exchange Rate.

Sort and Track Exchange Rates

You can sort the exchange rates by clicking on any column header in the exchange rate list. This will help you easily track the exchange rates over time.

User Roles and Permissions

The Currency Exchange feature is accessible to different user roles with varying permissions:

  • Accounts Manager: Has full rights to create, delete, edit, and view exchange rates.
  • Accounts User, Sales User, and Purchase User: Can view and print exchange rates, but do not have the rights to modify them.


The Currency Exchange feature in Empress is a powerful tool designed to make your business operations smoother. It helps you stay on top of the dynamic currency market, ensuring accurate and efficient financial transactions.

For further assistance, please refer to our Empress Support Center or contact our support team at [email protected].