Maximizing Efficiency with Empress Supplier Group Feature

Welcome to the Empress guide for the Supplier Group feature. This feature is an essential tool for managing your suppliers, helping you categorize them into distinct groups for better organization and efficiency.

Introduction to Supplier Group Feature

The Supplier Group feature is a powerful tool for organizing your suppliers into hierarchical groups. This is particularly useful for businesses dealing with a large number of suppliers, as it simplifies supplier management and allows for more efficient operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Better Organization: By grouping suppliers, you can easily navigate through your supplier list and find the right supplier for your needs.
  • Improved Efficiency: Grouping suppliers can streamline your procurement process, making it easier to manage orders and payments.
  • Flexible Hierarchy: You can create a hierarchical structure that suits your business needs, with parent and child supplier groups.

How to Use the Supplier Group Feature

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this feature:

1. Viewing Supplier Groups

To view your Supplier Groups, navigate to the Empress dashboard and select the Supplier Group option.

2. Creating a New Supplier Group

To create a new Supplier Group, select the ‘New’ button in the Supplier Group dashboard. You will be prompted to enter the Supplier Group Name.

3. Setting Parent Supplier Group

If you’re creating a sub-group within an existing Supplier Group, select the desired parent group in the Parent Supplier Group field.

4. Designating Group Status

Use the Is Group checkbox to indicate whether the new supplier group is a parent group or a sub-group.

5. Setting Payment Terms and Default Payable Account

You can also set the default Payment Terms and Default Payable Account for each Supplier Group.

6. Editing Supplier Groups

To edit a Supplier Group, simply click on the group you wish to edit and make the necessary changes.

Roles and Permissions

The Supplier Group feature is accessible to users with the following roles:

  • Purchase Manager
  • Purchase User
  • Purchase Master Manager
  • Accounts User

These users can view and print supplier group information. The Purchase Master Manager has additional permissions to create, delete, and edit supplier groups.


The Supplier Group feature in Empress significantly enhances your supplier management process by offering a structured and efficient way to organize your suppliers. By leveraging this feature, you can improve your procurement operations and ultimately, your business performance. For additional assistance, please refer to the Empress User Guide or contact our Support Team.