Maximizing Sales Strategy with Empress's Quotation Lost Reason


In the world of business, understanding why you’ve lost a potential sale can be just as important as making one. With the Quotation Lost Reason feature in Empress, you can easily track and analyze the reasons behind unsuccessful quotations. This feature plays a critical role in improving your business operations by providing valuable insights into your sales process.

Primary Functions and Benefits

The Quotation Lost Reason feature allows you to:

  1. Record the reason why a potential sale was not successful.
  2. Track these reasons over time to identify patterns.
  3. Improve your sales strategy by addressing the common issues that prevent successful sales.

Using the Feature: A Step-By-Step Guide

Viewing Quotation Lost Reasons

  1. Navigate to the Quotation Lost Reason page via the Empress user interface.
  2. All recorded lost reasons will be listed here. You can sort them based on date modified by clicking on the ‘Date Modified’ column header.

Adding a New Quotation Lost Reason

  1. Click the Add New button on the top right corner of the Quotation Lost Reason page.
  2. Fill in the reason for the lost sale in the ‘Quotation Lost Reason’ field.
  3. Click Save to record the reason.

Editing a Quotation Lost Reason

  1. Click on the reason you want to edit from the list. This will open the detail page for that entry.
  2. Click on the Edit button, make the required changes, and click Save.

User Roles and Permissions

The Quotation Lost Reason feature is available for users with the “Sales Master Manager” role. They have the ability to create, read, write, delete, and share entries.


The Quotation Lost Reason feature is a strategic tool in Empress that helps you turn losses into learning opportunities. By understanding why sales are lost, you can refine your approach and improve your chances of success in the future. For additional support or resources, please visit our help center or contact our support team.